26″ Glass Froster


26 3/8″ L, 26 5/8″ D, 34 1/4″ H


1 Lids 


2 Shelves 


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  • The most complete line of glass fosters ​available with the right size to fit your ​application
  • Shallow good design is “user-friendly” with access to the interior base within  easy reach 
  • ​Flexibility in design provides for plate ​storage and chillingly removing ​adjustable shelving
  • Standard, cabinet exterior construction includes attractive, wear resistant vinyl ​on steel in black finish
  • Oversized, factory balanced, refrigeration system holds 0°F(-17.7°​C​)
  • Forced-air cooling. Positively guided airflow cools bottles on top first. Interior-long lasting, heavy duty galvanized steel. NSF-7 approved
  • Equipped with a stainless steel top, easy glide lids and countertop with edge
  • ​Large storage capacity to meet the supply and demand requirements during ​peak hours
  • Automatic defrost system time-initiated,time-terminated
  • Condensing unit accessed from behind ​front grill slides out for easy ​maintenance
  • Split shelf design allows for effective ​rotation of chilled malware